Laptop Power Jack Replacement & Repair

Does your laptop have a broken power jack? If the laptop runs only if the power cord is kept to a certain direction or it suddenly shuts off, chances are your laptop's power jack is broken.

Fix Laptops offers broken power jack replacement and repair services. For as low as $130, we can get your laptop's power jack running again. Spending $1000 on a brand new laptop is not practical while you can just have your broken power jack repaired.  We use only high-quality parts to ensure that you'll get the value for your money. Turn-around time for power jack replacement is between 1-3 days.

5% Lowest Price Guaranteed on ALL LAPTOP BRANDS!

We replace and repair laptop power jacks for almost everything--- from netbooks, ultrabooks, even Apple Macbooks!

We serve the Adelaide area as well as surrounding suburbs. You may take it to our shop or you may avail of our Pick up & Return Service for just an additional $15.